Strange Behavior

What are some strange things that you or people you know have done or do?

One girl in my class cried during West Side Story because she said it was so “violent”. 8O 8O 8O

I’ll try to think of more when they come to me.

A girl in my class is literally scared to death of whales! One of the novels we read was all about whales, and when we watched the movie we thought she would have a heart attack out of fear.

My english teacher cries when you talk to her about classic novels.

My friend goes crazy when he eats an apple… (althought I think he might be faking it)

my english teachers is a bardolater (someone in love with william shakespeare) its kinda scary she stares at this little statue of him all the time

wow there is a lot of crazy teachers out there 8O

My teacher also likeswilliam shakespeare too but doesn’t stare at a statue, thats strange 8O.

My hamster Fluffy knaws the bars of his cage while making a funny grunty, purry sound :?.

My friend writes random quotes while he ranges at fire giants, some of the stuff is wierd and some of it is funny as.

I get super obbessed with stuff I get interested in such as Sailor Moon and Megaman… Though well… I’m the strange one in my group of friends so well… I don’t have anything “strange” to say about my friends… (BTW, I’m sure you don’t think getting obbessed is anything strange… Well maybe but…) I knew almost everything about every Megaman Classic series character ever made before the first week was over when I started to get obbessed… Before then, I didn’t know a thing about it and I really didn’t care about Megaman… Well, if I think of some strange behaviors… I’ll tell ya…

lol, I met this guy the other day who was obsessed with spoons… whenever he stops talking he says “SPOON!” for some reason.

And I caught him going on for some absurd reason… I think he might like cheese as well.

This freak I know is completely obsessed with alkaline trio -.-

This telephone solicitor called my house one day. My sister answered, listened to his schpeel, then responded by saying: “Um… Sir, we don’t own a telephone”, then hung up. Five seconds later he called again. My mother picked up: “Ma’am I just want you to know, our organization has nothing to do with the vending of telephones…”, and after five seconds, she said nothing and just hung up…

-=~ J.T. ~=-

Yea I think I know that freak that is obsessed with Alkaline Trio. He’s such an idiot, always babbling about their music, saying it is godly when in fact it sucks. Jk.

My friend’s ex-girlfriend is deathly addicted to m&ms and smoothies. You give her a bag of m&ms and she like goes nuts.

Well, what can you expect??? It’s chocolate. Did she go crazy before she ate them or after?

Before she ate them, just seeing a bag of them makes her go crazy.

I wonder who that could be? Anyway, spiders really freak me out. When I was doing the Underground Pass today and I saw that big spider I was literally shuddering for a minute. :(.

Lol, some people are just plain weird…

But most of the time they are just trying to get attention.

Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhh! I have a good one! The special education teacher at my high school is deathly afraid of buttons! Buttons as in the round things with holes that are on articles of clothing. I don’t have any classes with her, but another teacher told me her fear is based on a “bad experience” tied in with buttons.

If she ever gets on my bad side, she just might find a little surprise on her desk the following morning…

One of the teachers at my school has an obsession with sticky tape. She plays with it all during class.