stricter rules

i think that the rules should be stricter, and that the mods should be a lil harsher…i’m not sayin you guys aren’t doin your job right im just sayin that it takes so much to get a warning and i think you should give them out to people who really deserve them, theres so much spam and its so easy to see whos doing it but some of those people only have like one warning for it when they do it on purpose. i’d like to hear from mods or duke but lemme hear some of your opinions

i agree, there has been a recent increase in spam (to me at least) and maybe they should do what they do on rv like just straight up deleting the spam posts and stuff

they do delete most of the spam but i dont think all the mods can it may be only the global ones but theres so much and the people would just keep doing it…i think the best thing to do would be to boot the user b/c if their spamming up the site then wats it matter if their here or not b/c either way their not helping neone

Many of the “spam posts” are hard to identify as purposful, on accident, or just plain stupid. Thats why each mod has an individual choice on each post so they can make the best decision.

Duke, maybe mods or maybe just global mods (I’m not sure if they have this power) should be able to delete whole topics instead of just one post at a time?

I am pretty sure mods can too, but at least global mods can delete the entire topic if it is needed.

A lot of people on these forums double post on multiple occassions but seeing that most of them are new… I don’t really think they mean to and deserve to get a lot of warnings… But then again, I have no say since I’m not a mod…

I can delete whole topics if I want to but I have never done so this is because the whole topic isnt usually spam just a couple of posts are.

ya i know about the ones that are hard to id but im talkin bout like…ok i was lookin in the off topic forum and someone made a topic and it was like…" spam spam spam spam spam spam spam…BTW this is Spam" i think that if someone does that then theyt shouldnt be warned they should be banned on the spot

People who are blatant spammers are reported to be banned.

yea like there are people that should be banned right now all they do is spam cough soulcough
and here my one warning… when i was a jr member i double posted on accident chuckles ah well… warnings arent as bad as they sound i think that it should be much harsher

Well, it certainly doesn’t look very good when you have 1+ warnings.

I have never seen a non-blatant spammer…

ya…well i see people do it all the time, check the rules it says ne posts that are one word(unless if a one word reply is all thats asked for) or pointless to the subject of the topic, people do it all the time or after someone says something like this is spam they all post and say ya this is spam and stuff like that but what they dont realize that they are spamming to…correct me if im wrong

Yea, i think that the worse the spam…the worse the punishment because atm it seems that all spam recieves the same 1 warning…whether it be a blatent spam or just an accidental one.

I am sorry to say, but of all Runescape Forums Rsr is the most strict!

There are more rules here than there are in most clans even

The only difference is that we let any person get an account, where as the others have to be approved

ya i understand what your saying and dont get me wrong im not saying its not a good system or nething im just saying that mabe if the person does the spam on purpose they should get more punishment then 1 warning

all i can say is they try their best and i think that the rulz r fine and why do you complain about things?

What you don’t see are the dozens of accounts I personally ban and/or the mods ban. We are undoubtably the harshest of all the RSR forums, and proud of it. 8)

true i dont see all of them