Stuff for my pure

I’m buying stuff for my pure, here is a list of items that I want to buy:

Iron arrows – 15gp ea
Mithril arrows – 60 gp ea
Addy arrows – 110 gp ea
Cooked lobbies – 200 gp ea
Cooked tuna – 100 gp ea
Water runes – 7 gp ea
Earth runes – 7 gp ea
Body runes – 5 gp ea
Nature runes – 200 ea
Dragonhide chaps – 3k ea (I buy only 2 sets)

PLZ sell sumthing to me!!! For the runes, don’t sell only 10 unless its natures, food and arrows too.:smiley:

I’ll sell you some cooked Tuna. Get back to me with how many you require.

Get as many tuna as u can.