Stupid Noob Liar!!!

Ok, he’s not a noob (he’s several levels higher than me) but still he’s an idiot. Ok, first he posts on the forum this:

26 Mar 2005 20:30

if you come with me making all runes ill giv u 10k of each rune all by barto304. or you can have a p-hat set or d legs and chain and whip.!!.!!.

I knew it wasn’t true, and he didn’t acually have any of that stuff, but I was bored at the time so I decided to see what he was up to. After several posts, he finally added me and said stuff like “I’m in level 50 wildy killing KBD’s with abby whip and full dragon, go to ardougne i’ll tele there” then he started telling me to change to all these different worlds and tele to different places, making up stories each time. Then he said “Crap I have teleblock on and can’t tele and a mage is trying to kill me, so change to world 24” He appeared offline (all he did was remove me from his friends. Then he posted this on the forums:

Geez what a noob.

Geez that was a noob lol. Was he your friend or was he just finding people to pk with on the forums? I hate noobs who do that though they blame it on you and you really did nothing. But hey atleast you didn’t die did you?

yep hes a down right moron :wink:

he wasnt my friend and he wasnt even finding people to kill. he didnt tell me to go into wildy, i think he just wanted people to annoy

Lol that is what you call a jerk then. How about we give him a name for being a jerk to you. Thejerknoobbarto (how do you like that lol). Well I hope he dies and loses everything he has because I hate liars lol.

Yeah I wish he would die (not in real life) and that I could find him in Wildy and kill him just for fun.

Omg what a friggin noob.

what a NOObY Gah…

,!, (^.^) ,!,

Man that PISSES me off!!!

omg! i hate people like that. :evil: :x

I don’t condone violence but… he needs a smack in the mouth.

i saw that to hes a total noob

heheh thats funny, i love it when noobs say, let me log onto my level 100 account and we can fight, they always do that! its so funny!

well i cant really call him a noob bcuz he was a higher lvl than me… but i still hate him

lol what a noob he realy posted that letter to u and said he got scammed

W0W. What an I-D-I-O-T lol… How low can people go… Why accuse somebody… That`s so dumb!

8O giggeh 8O

omg… he’s a noob, i h8 it when newbies do that lol

hate people like that…
i know my sig says im agaionst this but…
smack him with a trout!
Maybe thatll set him straight lol

so noobish

OMG, that must’ve been a waste of your time :?