Sturaikus buddies.

I dont think anyone saw it, so I post it. Pretty much a bunch of sprite edits.

Onimusha’s Samanosuke Akechi!
Dante from Devil May Cry.

Enjoy. ( I wasnt planning on selling them, but if you want to buy them just ask. )

Don’t be surprised if some random person just happens to take them and put it as their avatar without paying or anything… I’m not trying to be mean or trying to scare you but some people just tend to take things they see and take it as if it’s up for grabs and use it for themselves… So you might want to either take the pics up on a protected pic thing or well people might just take them and use it for their avatar without even giving you credit… Again, I’m not trying to scare you or be offensive… I’m just trying to give you a heads up on this so you don’t get “scammed” out of your buddies that you worked hard on… I can’t see them as something’s wrong but I’m pretty sure their good considering that from your posts, I see that you work hard on art so I think I can trust you on that their really good seeing as they are also non-related RS buddies… Well, good job on them even though I can’t see them… (But I’ll just assume they are good…)

Eh, its ok. Anyway, you cant see the links? Can your browser view .bmp files?

i can see em fine

the pictures r really boraing :!:

DANTE one is very cool…

Eh, its ok. Anyway, you cant see the links? Can your browser view .bmp files?

It just downloads the pic to some folder that I don’t know its location on my computer… But yeah, if I were able to find them, I could see those buddies…

There geminiman.

Thanks… Though you really didn’t have to go through the trouble of re-uploading them… I really appreciate that… But yeah… They both look cool… Especially the Dante one… Sorry that I don’t have any comments on the Onimusha one… I’ve never really played Onimusha so I don’t know what all of the characters really look like… But yeah, good job on them both… They both look really good…