subscribe as member

I wanted to subscribe as a member for $5 per month, but I don’t know about yearly subscription. Would it be a total of $60 per year or they would have some lower price for a year?

Now you can’t pay a whole year, only once a month and yeah it all add up to 60$ and no you won’t get it a lower price

the best,most cheap and easy way is by credit/debit card the price is 5$ and the atomatically charge instead of you calling or sending in money

p.s. most of the other ways cost more than 5$

Thinking about it as $60 in one year is just that: you dont have to pay it all at one time, and when people start to think “well %60, it isn’t that good of a game to pay sixty dollars!!!”, well thats what turns them away from becomming P2P… Think of it like this: $5. I can find $5 in my sock drawer if I tried… (maybe all in quarters too). Can you get a lot more for $5, yes you probably can, but if you love RS like I do (and many, many others), you begin to see that it is worth the dismal pocket change…

-=~ J.T. ~=-

And here’s another thing, I don’t know if paying in credit card would be secure or not. Or if Jagex is trusted when trying to subscribe as a member.

yeah, my dad wouldn’t let me become a member because of that…

It’s pretty secure.

I pay through credit card and nothing has happened.

They couldn’t do anything with your credit card number because if they started doing that warning flags would be up all over the place in no time.

You want secure? Try 128-bit SSL encryption. Trust me: Jagex isn’t running off with your credit card… There are thousands of subscribers. Just think how many would still be playing/paying if Jagex scammed them: ZERO!

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lol guys of course it is secure, and if it wasn’t you could sue them :stuck_out_tongue:

its a lower price for a year its like 50 sumthing