suggestion for easter bunny

they should make it that we can whack the easter bunny with the rubber chicken, and easter eggs scatter over the ground.
sickmate 8)

lol that would be so hilarious, fighting an easter bunny

i think it’s kinda cool whacking the bunny :smiley:

lol… it’s a great idea… but than everybody would be swarming around the bunny to get the eggs…

i think if u whack it u would only get 3 eggs and then the easter bunny would attack u,lol, and since it a holiday drop thingy u cant kill it. u have to run away

yeah but if u whacked it, only u could see the eggs until the normal time for items had passed.

lol yeah like a swarm.
sickmate 8)

I wanna whack the easter bunny! :slight_smile: Great idea.

lol sry but i didnt like the whole Easter thing. i dropped my rubber chicken, the easter eggs did nothing but a stupid dance, it was a waste of time to me.

LOL that would be fun but too bad cuz there is not easter bunny anymore… at least not until Jagex decides to put one in. Probly at easter…
Wouldn’t it be fun if rubber chickens had a special attack? Like slap or sumthing?

that would be kool! Make him think what have i done?!?