suggestions for anti-hack?

this is the 5th time i was hacked and each time i lost full rune and i lost over 1mil in gp and over 5k yews in these 5 times.


any suggestions to stop this?

get a firewall!!!

and then get spybot search and destroy or another spyware killer

i have a firewall- the firewall doesnt protect form getting hacked in online games, it only protects your computer from getting hacked

No but the reason u could be hacked is because u might have a keylogger. Gettting a firewall will reduce the risk of getting a keglogger

like i said i have a firewal lbut what is a keylogger?

I think a keylogger is something that remembers the passwords that you type. You should get spybot search and destroy and ad-aware. Also, change your password every month or so maybe.

a keylogger is a programme which logs your keystrokes. And every month or so it will email it to some dude who will then gain access to your account. I always find a good way to type in your password is to open up word and RS at the same time. Type in 1 letter on RS then go to word and type in whateva u want. then go back to RS and putin another letter. Complete this process untilu have typed in your password.

For example if your password was joebloe u would type in j on RS then mayb ‘egrhjawef’ on word. Then u would type the next letter ‘o’ on RS.

It is an annoying process but it might work.

:arrow: which is known as keylogger. he lost millions and his lvl96 account. and he had to reset his computer to get that stupid keylogger out. he lost all his personal files coz of this. so dont download anythin thatz relate chaetinon rs. and remember everytime u got hacked, get rid of the keyloggers or wat ever dirty stuffs there are first, coz u dont wanna get hacked again.