super happy omega teletubby torture hour!!!

rATE THEse lovely pictures :smiley:

LOL!!!.. Though they aren’t of the best quality, I gotta rate them a 9.9/10… But yeah, I love seeing teletubbies getting the crap beaten out of them… But yeah, funny… I also liked the title… Good job on the pics…

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted: i like seeing thsoe losers being tortured. nice but not that good but still… add blood and gutS!!!

well those are just the thing coming close ill have them hitting

P.S. i got other skins too like kerry, bush, napoleon etc.


lol thats funny keep it up

lol, ive played that game, dont rate them, hes just taking pictures and not altering them at all, and hes taking the credit, its called “interactive buddy v1.1” and is on newgrounds

see theres where youre wrong, never did I say they were mine all i said was “rate these lovely pictures”

Heh, I like your big boom pic you added… Very funny… Pfft, even if they are from another site, they are still really funny…

theyre from a game called interactive buddy. you can play it here:

lol… the pics look really funny… 8/10

lol ive played that game its … i like hurtin napoleon 8/10

lol funny! I found a pic of “po” holding a machine gun over his head! Whoever made that is very creative!

dude thats so funny! 9/10


lol that funny but i h8 the pic with bush in it even though im british i support bush’s loyalty to america and how much he want to protect it and all!

Those are hilarious! :stuck_out_tongue: . I’ve never liked the teletubbies, I always thought they were annoying. Although I didn’t like the John Kerry picture because I’m a Democrat.

have u guys ever used the gravity shifter in the middle and then put 40 missles on him?