Super Sara!!!!!winner Gets Prize

will someone please post a picture of a guy with full sara armor, sara book and sara staff

first to post gets very good priz3

wats the prize?

Yeah… And you could just search for a guy who looks like that on google… But FINE do it the easy way! :stuck_out_tongue:


probably money…i did and there were no pics
maybe like 50k or some rune stuff

WOW that for posting a full sara pic? dang but ur a noob.

EEEHHHHHHH maybe this will teach u to respect authority !!!
who on this realm do u think u are, round these parts we go by the number under our name, so please dont go calling people noob. EEEHHHHH !!!

lol what a noob he just wants to put in sig

ill post a pic sept i want full gold mystic

no, he’s calling people noobs, which u cant do, jesus

i got one but i dont no how to post it!

i got another link lookie

i got the link!!!

he wants a pic of a guy in sara armorwith the staff and the book…not just he armor…but ill try to find 1 i guess…i could use the cash anyway

Ooh, double postage!
And as of the contest, I don’t think I would want to be wasting my time looking for some guy in full sara.
Well, I’ll admit, it is easy money though.

OK,i got it all but the book instead i got the cape.
here it is Little cruddy. Just Click on it i think

lol! king zero…thats funny

actually that meets all the requirements…the armor, staff, book. he actually should win.

ask deadmeats hes got it!

ty guys…im sorry for being a “newb”–kingofallpie w/e i need it cut out like so all there is is the guy no back ground. since i put u through all this trpuble the prize is 100k

yea Kingofallpie that was uncalled for

there now wheres my 100k

here are some more pics of it