support our prezidint

we needz to be suppoting da prezident. he aint neva don notting rong. all dem irockies that hav deed prob deservid et. thars nosthing that makes thes ond wore vet happier, then seing a boat loadz of deed commies. soz i says we betta be backen prez bush. love et of leaf it you commies.

----old wore vet.

hail saddam! moi asie hauk!!! hail allah! hail allah! im jkin mate i really dont like bush all that much tho… my bro died in iraq becasue of him. Thats why I made the name pked in iraq.

he prabably deserved it. we all no homosexuals cant shoot straight.

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back in my day, we’d of taken your brother out into a field and beat him with socks full with bars of soap. that allways cured the wierd ones. but now with all these equal rights shit yyou cant beat the homos anymore.

see, if you bro wasnt looking at other dudes asses, maybe he would have seen the land mine. just saying…he should be section 8ed and lose all military honors. theres no place for homosexuals in the armed forces.

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i really hope typing like that was a joke, otherwise you got major problems