Supreme Legionairs 30+

Hi and welcome to Supreme Legionairs
We are a 30+ Combat clan
We also require you to have 1 35+ non combat skill
Also i must add we need some people to fill these stats in

PS. This clan is nonmembers (members can come in if they want)

Firemaker (taken) Solous0 Lvl 36 may require higher
Woodcutter (taken) Sidewinder86, Airhead60, Rangamitch
Runecrafter (taken) a2n pr1d3z
Crafter (free)
Miner (taken need more) Mageof5 and Airhead60
Smither (taken need more) Airhead60 soon Mageof5
Fisher (free)
Cooker (free)
Fletcher (taken) Rangamitch

We will have Pk trips,Drop parties and clan wars

1.Never Kill a clan member result in being hunted down pked or expelled from the clan
2. You should always atleast drop something worth atleast 1k at a drop party
3. Don’t exclude anyone from the clan

Come join our clan today (im starting site now post here if you want to join)

1.Application Forum copy and answer if you want to join
What are you going to do in the clan?
Have you been in any other clan?
If you have why have you left?
Will you follow the rules?
How are you going to help us out?
Join us today!

hi my combat is 57 though and i would really like to join your clan and i will obey all the rules and can kill a guy og lvl 35 to 40(mages and rangers not included) only swordsman

Ill join im 46 combat, 66 range, 61 magic, 74 woodcutting, and 73 fletching

ur both in :slight_smile: go onto our boards i think its in my sig

Can i join i am 34 combat and 49 mining, 41 smithing i am also a member so i could get good stuff for the clan my runecaspe name is osx5

srry man i cant join the other clan has accepted me wish u good luck