Sweet mother owange

started using rune baxe to pk with and I was fighting a ranger, anyway i was potted and praying and wasn’t hitting so i had to eat quickly so he said “nice safe”. Out of no where i hit a 20 then and 18 no chance to tele KO !!!
50 addies power ammy greens teles

Awsome OWnage.:eek:

i pked a newb and he ad 100k cash on him lol i would have got pk but i got pjed :(:frowning:

was it 18 then 20 or 20 then 18??? you say both…

good pks

20 18
just sh0cked all near me, at next str lvl i hit 21’s

whats ure cb lvl? just wondering…but neways nice ko and pile. i hate fighting rangers on my pure cause when they have rapid on its like 9,10,8 --eat-- 9, 9, 10 --eat-- you get the picture!

I love when morons bring money with them for no reason… I mean really who brings money into wildy.

Grats on the kill, I’d be scared if all of a sudden someone hit that much and was around level 60.

great kill dude!..whats ur str lvl?

64 str 13 prayer if ur pking at varrock baxe owns coz u hit 3 more than scimmy and high through 1 def and armour… if u have 2 hits u normally get kill if team kos grab loot and tele