Swift Switch FAQ

This is my guide to swift switch.

Well i posted that earlier and that nearly covers it.


Q. Where do i download SwiftSwitch?

A. You can download it form many places but the best are:
www.zybex.com www.runecommunity.com and www.swiftswitch.net

Q. Is it against RS rules?

A. No it doesn’t manipulate the game in any way.

Q. How do i acces the features?

A. Just click “Show Internal Utilities”.


That is a very basic guide to SS, But is ok for people who have never used SS.

I know it is hard to make it really complicated like edit ur text and that as half those things i can’t do. lol…


Mate, a lot more info please. How about highscores?

Keep up the good work though.

Just wait for Owl’s software to be released. There wont be a SS user left :slight_smile:

Zybez is a search engine now and zybeX is a medicine co.

OK, so you’ve downloaded SwiftSwitch. More than likely, you’ve come to play RuneScape, with a faster World Switching Time! First of all, you will choose a world from either the “Free” or “Members” list. Now, if you choose a Free world, go up to “Servers” (which is located at the top of the browser) and click “Scroll Applet Down”. Ta-da! No more ADs!

Now, you can go to “Show Internal Utilities”, which is located on the side bar (to the right). Then, you can proceed to the “Chat” facility. With this, enter your name you will use, and the channel #RuneScapeRealm . From there, any questions with IRC, you have a question, I’ll have an answer (most likely).

There is also many other features. With Statistics Look-up, you can check any players stats, as long as they are in the HighScores. This is great for PKing and Dueling!
Need to write things down? Paste them on the NotePad!
PK much? Worried when your skull with go away? Go to Timers and Counters, and you’ll find your very own Skull Timer! There are also many other counters and timers, try them out!
Want to change your SwiftSwitch settings? Head on over to Swift Utilities! There, you can check out clans, your To Do List, Server Settings, Settings, System Calculator, a link to ImageShack, View Screenshots, Drag Screenshots, Chat Help, and Chat Rules. Also, you can change the name your pictures save as, your Colour Theme, and your Button Style!
Now, go down to RuneScape Utilities, and you will find all the calculators and maps! What an assortment!

Also, you can go up to “File” < “Options”, and change Chat Colours, and Chat Options! I recomend you click all boxes and enable them all on Chat Options.

Is it against RuneScape Rules?
This is something we will never know. Some Mods say that it gives you an advantage by Switching Worlds Faster, and some Mods say it’s OK, and some Mods even use it!

Any questions? Feel free to post here, or send me a PM.

I want more news on Owl’s new client. =(

Actually it doesn’t bypass the 30 seconds between world changes so there is no advantage there, but if you’re a fast enough typer you could probably go through the process of changing worlds and still be stopped by the 30 seconds.