Swimming Vs. Football Which do you think is harder?

Out of the 2 choices above. What sport do you think is harder? I think Swimming because it involves your entire body, plus breathing, plush stamina. What do you think?

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Football because its rougher and you can be injured

Swimming because you can lose energy quickly,but you get to be in the water!

two completely different sports, everyones vote cannot be counted on…

cmon now swimming and footbal

They don’t have to be different. They are still both high school and olympic sports. What if I compared football and golf…lol.

My friends think football is harder and I want to see what you guys think.

Probably Football. Swimming is just you lose energy but if you’ve been swimming for a while then it doesn’t matter.

I’ve played Football numerous times but only in Elementary school. Too many players and most likely all you do is sit on the bench unless you’re good.

football is a a rougher sport, but swimming is better for u. (im on a swim team)

I play football, and I swim, and swimming is infinitely more difficult.

Swimming because you lose breath faster. Well i do.

And you dont get real tired as a linebacker in fooball =T

To me, swimming is not that hard… Mostly, you work on endurance and speed, after you get most of the strokes right, which sometimes might take a while… Overall though, swimming is just about using the right strokes, and keeping up a good pace throughout a race… Football is a team sport, therefore you sometimes have to depend on your team members… I find football harder, maybe because I never completely ‘got’ the game… There’s numerous rules in football, as well as numerous positions… So I find swimming easier in most senses since there’s not too much one have to memorize to swim, and there’s not many rules to follow… You just have to start at a semi-young age so you have a chance to train your speed…

I would say swimming because although you’re more likely to be injured in football, Swimming is more physically demanding.

I think swimming is much more harder than football. In swimming you’re mostly underwater or a little above and you need to breathe alot. When you’re done you are really pooped. At least I am.

me on swim team football is basically like tackle tag dats y it stinks. Y do football players git fat cus they dont git to exercise as much!

Both are hard.

Swimming - You need a lot of endurance, and yes you need muscles. The distance swimming takes a lot.

Football - You have to have muscles, and you have to have endurance also. You have to be able to take hits.

swimming is harder, just because you get a lot tired, you never stop and being in the water kinda gets you even more tired :P… yea, football is rough, and you can be injured, but swimming is definitely harder…

the hardest stroke is fly… and well its my favourite right now. my time for the 50m fly is 35 seconds, to same as my 50m free.

that’s quite a good time… I dunno what’s my 50m free, but my 25m is near 20 sec, I think…

I`ve always been better at swimming than football, this is probably because when I was playing football at a block party, I was grabbed by my legs and dropped on my head. That explains my sanity to this day.

-:dopey: Alpha325

its not about being injured! injurys dont make a sport harder! football is harder. forget injurys and skill and all that! in the nfl and colloge and even high school football you have to think about the coaches and all that is i harder to tell someone to not drown in water? or throw a 90 yard tuochdown pass?

i vote swimming cause i have some bad memorys from football

Probably football, I’m on a swim team and I swim like 3 miles a day though …