switch shift

is it spyware? i wanna know, i think im gomma download

I don’t beleive it is, but I wouldn’t use it just to be on the safe side.

i have it and ive been hacked rite before i got it but never after i got it but i also got spybot search and destroy at the same time so now my computer is spywayre free heheheheeheh

its not spyware.
sickmate 8)

so then its safe to download ? could someone please post lin k ??? thanks

It’s 100% safe, trust me. Thousands of people use it; I’ve been using it for months now. Definetely worth it.
Go to this link and at the top you’ll see a link that says “Download Swiftswitch”
Click that

i use it… totally safe

i use it myself

Hmm so i think im gonna use it over the jagex windows client :slight_smile:

thank you guys so much imd oing it now

I believe its called swiftswitch not switch shift ^^

it is a good thing i use it evewryday it is safe trust me ogo

I use it…its safe. but then again i got hacked :stuck_out_tongue: lol jk. i think i got hacked from someone on RSR…
but yea its SwiftSwitch made by Strider. its safe.

so u playin rs again???

meh…every now and then i get on. i hate new updates though. but yea i guess u could say im still playin. i get on for clan events and other things like that.

i c thats great to hear that u didnt quit like Netzero…nvm his account got banned lol