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What do u think of my new outfit? , got rid of full rune , i like the look of full black (t) , so sold rune n brought black t , whatcha tink?


Where do i get switchswitch?? any1 no?

download it from Zybez. its SwiftSwitch also. not switchswitch.

o ok, thnx…

what’s zybez???

ok got it, should i download SwitchSwitch or SwitchSwitch Lite?

swift shift short sip

http://zybez.com/ here

Lite atleast thats what i use

not to make this sound mean or anything

SWIFT SWITCH - not switchswitch

what the diiference between lite and regular?

well i think the black trimmed sucks lol… rune is tons better and rune is worth more… check out the prices on runescape forums =\