Swordsmann6 vs. Fallon009 (Innovation)

Vote for who should win. :stuck_out_tongue:

waiting for poll to be up lol

edit-fallon ftw, but like the effects on swordman’s render

edit2- shoot i voted before you finished and now my vote dosn’t count and i cant vote again :mad: see what I get for impacience lol

Sword- Sorry, but I don’t like it. Its too big, as is the render. Text is bad.

Fallon- Don’t love it. Looks like a render on a random background.

Fallon still got my vote.

You should’ve made the poll eaiser to choose. :slight_smile: I fixed it for you. :smiley: Don’t hate me. >:[

Anyway, my vote goes to Fallon. Swords - The signature is a bit too bright in my opinion, and I didn’t like the background at all. The right bar on the left is unnecessary. :slight_smile:

Fallon, the signature is really good. You really seem to like the bars at the left & right. I don’t like how their the signature appears again at the bottom. Make it a bit thinner on the bottom one and it should look better. For the left bar you should’ve gotten a better place of the signature. Are you using clipping mask? If so, you can move it around for the place you want. If you’re not, make a new layer and take out the marquee tool. Select some spots and resterize the layer. Hide the layer. Make a new layer and Image > Apply Image. Then right click on the new layer and select clipping mask. An arrow should appear pointing south on the bottom layer. Unhide the bottom one and move it around. ^ ^

I really don’t like the background on my newest one. I think this is a pretty bad turnout, but it’s almost 11 here, and I’m kind of tired. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sigh…I voted for myself lol…
I think I’m running outta ideas on this friggin old Photoshop Elements 2.0 lol.

P.S. Anyone know how to get a better version of photoshop for free?

Wait, does Hdk’s vote count, even though it got messed up?

phoenix changed the pole! so he’s the one to blame for my vote not counting!!! jjk lol :tongue:
fallon-your right i guess its better than you think though

no my vote wont count (maybe you can vote for me lol)

Fallons render is oversharpened, swordsmanns is over lightened.
Text won it for Fallon.

I will add the vote back for Hdk. :slight_smile:

Wow, I can do a lot. ^ ^

Fallon ftw.

I love swordsmann6’s sig. Fallon, same style every time? Show some orginality!

Fallon ftw, I love that new style ^ ^
Swords just looks too lightened on the render, the text is so-so, and the bg isn’t great. But it’s still pretty good.

You win Fallon, congratz.

Good match. Your a good opponent. In all modesty, I think you should be battling people a class lower than me, this was a very unfair battle, adn you did better than I thought you would. That my friend, is winning.

Arc, I like the style. Get over it.

Wowee thanks.

I like Fallons much better!
It looks very good, 9/10.