Swordsmann6 vs. Karma Green

Vote for da best.
First to…15 wins.

yea im the first to vote and post, srry to Karma but Sword’s owns!
Text is good blends well nice bg i like it!
Karma text doesnt really fit everything else is ok except to wide doesn’t have border!
Swords wins my vote

eh, i vote for swordsmann, render matches with bg, has a border…
EDIT: dang it, no first post :frown:

I am voting for you karma because I love that you try keep up the work but you need to workon the text and blend the render better also add a 1 pxl border

Ooo this is close.

This is a tough one but, Karma pulled through

wow just got back online looks like this is going to be a close one

o and thx for every one who has or will vote for me

this sig took foever i made it off of a tut on chaose gfx its suposed to be c4d
heres a link to the tut C4D TUT by Alias

Karma your sig is horrible. Render is nothing like background.

^^ wow thats harsh o well it is pretty bad but how bout you try to make some thing better with that tut its really hard so plz be a little nicer i mean i know its not the best i can do but i was just trying something new

I only said it like that because I know you can make awesome sigs - but that is not one of your best. Besides, if I said it was perfect there’d be no point in you trying to make it better would there?

We need a few more votes to decide the winner here.

sword gets the auto win cause of britney spears

I find it obvious. Karma Green FTW. That signature is amazing! Even though I hate britney spears. The C4d is amazing! I think Alias, Phoenix, Dama, Kupiton. All the bests would vote for you. That is pure talent I don’t know what other people are talking about.

^^thx damaster370
o and umm just a few more votes ppl cmon keep voting

Mine is the one with the angel warrior…

This is very close, we just need a few more votes.