Swordsmann6 vs. Krishna270

Vote for da best!

Hey u voted for urself okay so its only 1 0

You can say that I only have 1 vote.

okay but to make it ever so its not confusing i voted for myself

I don’t like either of them. I can’t decide no one gets my vote.

Rofl then why id you post here?
I voted for Sword!
I like the background, good job!

krishna…that woulda been a crazy idea but…

:no:the line in da middle is a throw off
:yes:good idea
:yes:good background

omg ksouth lines in the middle r okay nothing bad is gonna happen

it is bad cuz…

omg…we realy are going to die!


it’s just kinda ob(li)bious


i put the obvious in oblivious;)

Swordsmann6 u r0ck! and do you remember me? it could have been from a clan my name was probley 1 of these, archerkill30,crocodilius7 just wanna know caz i remember u from a clan