T.V show Degrassi!!!!

who else loves this show… i love it. its like a newer boy meets world… which is also a great show… but degrassi is awsome any other opinons out there…


It’s a great show. I haven’t seen most of the new season episodes, I’m so busy.

Stupidest show ever made.

Have you even watched it! Or are you just being argumentative?

I’ve seen it once. Not my kind of show though.

ok what do u watch…barney!!! maybe sesime street… just caseu u dont have the intellect to comprehend teh show dont hit on it…


a great show im trying to see every episode ive seen all the new ones not the new new new ones

that is the biggest and most faggiest show i have ever seen! my rating is -1,000,000/5. lol. It suck huge black []Denis

i dont bash on peoples taste usually but thats show is for like 14 year old girls right

its nice

no the show is for intelligent and mature ppl so i guess that rules most of u out…lol



u shouldnt talk about yourself like that…no self confidence…


what r u 8? who says that u freakin moron i was talking about the dumb show u tart

No, I’m pretty sure you were talking about yourself…

ok that makes no sense…how am i a tart u tard… jw and its not a dumb show u just obviously dont have the intellegence to watch the show…just casue u cant comprehend it doesnt mean its a bad show…


daze leads to stop banging on what ppl like and get his own post and never touch anyones else or get warned every where hes talking bad i think he even said something about his own post hes likke 4

you people are so gay its unbelieveable…

Yeah, it’s unbelieveable, because it’s untrue! It is very believeable that you are either, gay yourself…or not straight… Hmmm…

oooo get im some ice…