Taking a Break

Well, as some of you that have talked to me through aim know, I have had a lot of things on my mind the past week-2 weeks and at the moment, it is hard to handle it all.

So I have decided to take kind of a break from RSR for a little bit. I will pop in from time to time to check certain topics and to make sure the site doesn’t go to all hell without me :smiley: but I won’t be on for my normal types of conversations for awhile.

So I hope you all understand why I am doing this and don’t think I am leaving you guys forever. I will be back and when I do come back full time, I will be much better.

good on u. i quit rs because theres more important things to do

Breaks out champagne W00t! He’s gone! Lol joking =D, we’ll ahem miss you :).

~ ewok

Sorry to see your leaving (for a little while) But i hope you defentily come back


see ya lata buddy i will try to make sure that rsr dont go to hell lol jk

plays loud rock music and starts flaming everone, then realises he’s still here oh hi
turns off loud music

The very loud rock music I would not have cared about, I do it all the time. The flaming though, that I won’t tolerate.

Well look forward to seeing you come back IcedEarth! I, as you all may know, am taking a break starting tonite… Because of soem things going on in my life as well… Also it takes a while for me to get to my computer because I seriously injured my knee a few days ago… (I’m getting surgery on it tomorrow… Get to miss school WOOT)

Examens I guess?
I’m breaking too :slight_smile:

:m1helmet: ~Pierre~

I had a break on last friday and came back on RSR on tuesday any see ya soon iced im sure RSR will be in 1 piece when u get mabey even new things here bye iced see ya soon

I hope you get everything sorted out, and I hope you come back soon :slight_smile: hopefully, nothing bad will happen while you are gone… see you soon

it was ment to be a joke fine il play loud pop music an kill us all!

Nooo!!! Iced is taking a break! Noooo!!! That’s Jolio, Hellsrival, Idied, Hockeyav… The mods are endangered species!!! (yeah, I think I missed some people out)

Dag nabit… If I knew I could have told everyone that I was taking a break or at least that I did, then I would have… Well, that’s good that you’re taking a break… Everyone needs a break from RSR one point from another… Well, sorry for making this so late… I just got back… Well, have fun on whatever you’re going to do while on break… Otherwise, don’t feel like a stranger when coming back to visit… Not that you would seeing that you ARE the head mod…

See ya, Iced, we’ll all be waiting for ya. Oh yeah, have fun on vacation. :D.

Well sry to hear ur temporarily leaving us. hope to see u back on and postin soon :slight_smile:

walks over to Mrparris and says why are u doing that u are so rude slaps mrparris in the face it was a joke mrparris ok and soz that your leaving

ack!! it’s another long sig!!! please please please fix it! (quick, before they come in and ban you)

iced…does this mean you don’t want to sell me your seeds anymore? <sniff>