taking rs money for this sig

I dont know how much to charge but more than 20k. ill stick your name in there where it says your name here.

how you do that??

i do it with… skill (a.k.a. photoshop) lol. im going to bed so i wont get back on this post for 12 hours.

How do i get Photoshop??

You buy it from a store or download the trial at www.adobe.com

Or buy it online :tongue: lol. It’s ok… Lol. Dont really like the text n’ border. And only do popout when you show the whole person, then it’s not messed looking with straight lines =/ 7/10

Ditto. Damaster just put all I wanted to put.

Sptcrt photoshop 3 is like $50-70. I use photoshop 7.0 which is anywhere from $350-600 and Godzxxx I might buy that sig if…there was no ugly boarder (sry) and if that guy on the right fit into the pic other than that it’s nice!

Or you pull a Chrisak and d/l photoshop and a key gen off limewire :slight_smile:

Actually My brother did that. And I got it off of him. LOL!!! But my mom’s company’s graphics department (she doesn’t work in that area) gets all adobe items before anyone else. They also get to test them.

ok ill redo it.

K, I would like it to say “Ryu Hitokiri” in black and Blade 2 font found here. Please put Godzxxx somewhere in the corners so people know you made it. No border please.

PS: I live in Phila.,PA too!

Does it need any changes? Ill fix it if it does.

Yea, take away the marin and the gold eagle thing.

so you want me to take off the whole left render?

Yea and move my nice so that the “kiri” is over that dudes gun. Make the rest of the render underneath “Ryu Hito” blanks with that background.

like this?

Move my name up and make it so the left if the picture it barely touching “Ryu”. Oo and put a cool ninja render under “Ryu”.

Edit: Nvm, I really don’t want to pay, sry for inconvience. Gifts are appreiciated :). Can you teach me how to make that sick background?!

hows this?

edit: yeah ill teach you. ill pm u with a tut. and you can take it as a gift

Oh snap man that’s sweet!!! Can I have as gift since my internet won’t lemme get on RuneScape?

Edit: Thanks for be willing to teach me.