Task manager and login screen help

When I hit ctrl+alt+delete instead of the task manager popping up, my screeen goes black and a different windows comes up saying “lock computer, Log off, Shut down, Change Password and Cancel”. Also the loging screen isn’t there instead you have to type your name and password.

And I can’t switch user’s anymore, it just says “are you sure you want to log off?”


Is there any way I can change those settings back to the way they should be?

Thanks for your help.

I have a great idea…
You could buy a Mac. I know little about Windows, so it might be better to ask someone else.
:spin: Kingofallpie

I will vouch that mac’s are better but when Vista come’s out OSX is gonna get blown away.

And besides, I don’t have $1500 lieing around.

King, I accept your fanaticism with Macintosh, but please, your not even helping him in his dilemma.

This could be because you made a new account and your original, the administrators account, has been hidden. You could try using your trouble shooter to find the problem, but most likely you can solve it by accessing user accounts and making a new administrator account.

(You cant make any other account besides administrator if you only have one administrating level account on your OS)

I’ll try that.

I made a few new avvounts for the rest of my family and it did nothing.

Ok IWent to the “change the way users log on or off” thing. And it says I need to uninstall netware. Whats Netware?

-BUMP- Please help me, it’s very annoying.

What Windows are you using?

I’m Currently running xp pro.

Sorry for the wait, my power supply blew.