TB For Jeff pl0x?

Pk nub was above the crypt, what a wuss…:tongue:

Congrats noob. Go get those noobies out in the wildy now.

nice, i think ’ share i tbed’ could apply here lol


“Pk nub” was only above the crypt coz im resourseful of my pray pots :slight_smile:

Congratz you big ol’ nub.

congrats on 85 magic jeff

nice now go and own the teletubbys

gratz jeff on 85 mage

pray nub.

gratz with tb.

can i buy ur account pl0x? :wink: nice jorb there! wicked stats! i like the maxed cooking lv there.

GRATZ NUB!!! be my tber :o, and i’ll be ice barraging people

congratz jeff

wow, I have to say your stats own! Especialy tour prayer lvl i like it! Gratz on teliblocking

sneaks up to jeff and knocks you out and steals all your stuff, leaves Jeff wakles up * icome back again and knock him out and steal his stats :D*

you gona knock him out for his d hides? rofl

yep oh yea forgot something knocks out jeff againand steals his car

haha congratz jeff

nice man noz tbing mez pl0x

now its time for you go own some teletubbies :slight_smile:

share you tbed :smiley: