teenage gambling(no noobs please)

ok gambling addicted teenagers in my town will increse as my town will soon have casino’s that will pose a problem as they are buliding what they call junior casino’s for : you guessed it juniors i am not going to go to these i enjoy what i call quite gambling-gambling where the most you win is £3 and we only do this once a fortnight but my brother is serouly addited to gambling and he cant stop but lets not focus on this one person it must be more widespread and somtimes i think why are these owners allowed to do this gambling is robery and is not an investment its more like buying fun and teenagers i watch gamble somtimes say ‘im doing this to win back the money i lost’ now thats just silly if you lost you will proberly lose again

if you are a gambler please explain to me why you gamble?

$3 lmao wat crp lol

no not $3 £3 is £1 more but i only gamble for the fun not for the cash

~Waiting for NET to sink his teeth into this topic

Well if gambling is a problem, call 1-800-ADMIT-IT

I dont know why people gamble. Although I don’t think it is bad to buy lotto and scratch offs…

I honestly don’t see how being a noob at runescape makes any difference whether you have anything important to say about the subject, but anyway I don’t gamble, but people who do, do it because it gives excitement along with the hope in the back of your mind that you’ll win big. People put that first coin in the slot machine, lose and then figure, “Well, I’ll probably win next time…” so they continue on and on until eventually it becomes a problem.

yeah fare point i dont like to gamble too much but i like the lottery

Sigh, ever heard of a period? It helps separate your thoughts and makes a reply a LOT easier. I’m not flaming, just giving you advice. If you want to be in the HoL, you’ll need to have some sort of sentence structure of no one will ever take the time to decipher your thoughts.

In any case, I’m 18 and me and my friends play poker at the sailing club most weekends. Being 18, its not illegal for us to gamble, but we’ve done it since before we hit that golden age. When its just friends for nickels and quarters, etc, its all fine and dandy. We do it for a good time, a good laugh, and thats all.

Now, as far as people who are “addicted” to gambling, well, I think I’d have to give my Latin teachers advice.

Honestly, if you can’t control yourself enough to not spend your food money on a hand of cards, then why should you be allowed to live in civilized society? You’ve got a brain defect? Horse####. You’re too lazy to control yourself, and thats all. We live in a society that asks us to control quite a few “natural” instincts, fight or flight, if everyone walked around in that instinctive mode, looking to do nothing but survive, the murder rate would be 100x what it is, if not more. However, society places a penalty on that, prison.

If you can’t control your “brain defect”, then we should have every right to send you to a country that doesn’t have gambling at all, ship you off to some craphole in Africa and see if you can’t come back and control yourself. I guarantee if you place a penalty on those people who let their children starve for a poker chip, they’ll be much less likely to play a hand.

As far as specific teenage gambling goes, most of them can’t play for more than pocket change, you just don’t see lots of kids running around with thousands of bucks to waste away on gambling. A good portion of it is the news looking for some “breaking and controversial” story to cover. When I turned 18, I reached an age where I could die for my country, and when I hit that age, I took on the right to decide for myself if I want to waste my money on gambling, or an RS membership, I just happen to make more cash off RS than I would cheating my buds at poker.

Perhaps I’m just a horrible person, but again, if you can’t control yourself, go to a country where that isn’t a problem, because those of us with common sense don’t need, nor want, you here.

God-Chaser: First of all, you need a new name, because I hate typing out “God-Chaser” all the time, makes me feel stupid. Second, well, what can I say, now you’re stalking me around these forums, I’d think you would understand how it feels to be stalked :wink:

Mutation: How can you not like the lotto? Everytime I see some hick with no teeth walk out of a gas station holding a handful of lotto tickets I chuckle inside to think that inbred moron is paying for me to go to school.

God bless America~

I agree w/ god chaser NETzERO you are far to witty for these forums.

Yeah, but hes funny while he is being “witty”.

Netzero, you are brilliant, and far too witty for these forums :lol:

Anyway, i do agree that gambling for fun is, in all fairness, not the bad of a thing to do. However, when you are gambling with hard earned money and start losing over $1000 a month on gambling, I would call you addicted. I myself would never gamble for over $10 simply because it isnt that pleasurable to me, and I am the most unlucky person on earth.

For all you gamblers out there, Thank You! Your money is appreciated!
Canada Freak

i love gambling but im not an addict


Wow, grp-ranger.
This should really be discussed by the system’s mindless slaves.
(A.K.A. the House of Lords and the Staff.)

Lol, I’m just joking.
Anyway, I think that new gamblers just go blind by thinking how uber it would be to win the jackpot, no matter how low the chances are.
So, as they fail, their minds blink “Maybe on the next spin, the next spin!”
Then, they become addicted.

This is really ironic, because I saw the old Twilight Zone from the 60’s about an addicted gambler in Las Vegas just today in class.

P.S. - How much is 3 Euro anyway? (In dollars)

Gambling only destroys you, get out of it while you can(this is to every1 who gambles)
Gambling will soon deplete you.
I’ve heard of so many poor souls who have spent all they had ( like half a mil of real cash) just for a lottery ticket, and they end up being a bumb on the street.

well idont gethoe they cant say NO!

netzero:you wont belive how hard it is for me to put commas in i dont no if im doing it right and you will notice my spelling aint that great either as i am dislexic but i am trying

If you do gamble you are a idiot.

Netzero you are way to witty for these forums :lol:

I am 10 and know that, I will never try drugs, smoking or gambling. It just doesn’t appeal to me. THe only time i will ever try gamble is if i go to Vegas, and even then just $5 AUS for fun.

Your spelling is actually fine as far as I’ve ever noticed, and you speak in proper sentences, its just you don’t put any punctuation. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can understand the whole dislexia thing, like I said, I wasn’t flaming, it just makes it easier to understand and quicker to read. :slight_smile:

Crunk, Cibola: Again, those are the people that pay for the rest of us to attend school. I haven’t much of a problem with someone who is too idiotic/blind to see they’re throwing their lives away. It only becomes a problem when they then claim that they “can’t help it”. Or, when they destroy their children and families. But hey, if some 36-yr old hick has nothing better to do than pay for me to make more money than he’ll ever see in his lifetime, let alone gamble away, so be it.

Oh, and the lot of you are just horrible people, I don’t have that much sig space and now the pic would be too big as well. :smiley:


netzero im starting to like you

and if any of you live in england scoctland or wales you will here blackpool(my home town) ar getting casino’s what are your views on this?

Me and my friends gather every fiday night to play texas hold’em

well im going to las vegas in janury i think its gonna be great an since i cant gamble im safe!

Got news for ya. I said the same thing when I was ten. Here I am 13 and smoking seems like an easy way out of stress. My brother, sister, and mother all used to smoke. Some of my friends smoke. Smoking gives you an incredible sense of calm and it relaxes you. It seems very easy to start when you’re under stress, or going through a major bad time. Same thing with drugs, but more so.

When you’re thirteen, remember what I said. See if it seems to easy. Now none of your friends smoke- No peer pressure. Wait till you’re my age, or even worse, 16 or 18. Good luck to ya.