Teenage Gambling

Well today I was watching the news (CNN) and they had a story about the rising interest of playing poker and gambling among teens. They said that it has gotten so bad that the rate of a teenager turning into a problem gambler is now higher than the adult. I used to play quite often but now I only play once every couple of weeks. I’m just curious, do many of you play poker with your friends, and if so how often.

Someones when my friend’s come over, we play texas hold 'em and bet with stuff we can find, like golf tees ( :stuck_out_tongue: ), monopoly money, etc. Then it gets boring and we do something else. I can see why people would get addicted. Gambling can be fun, and the risk of it can appeal to certain types of people. Like somebody who likes to take risks, they just might keep on gambling more and more for the thrill of the win.

I normally play blackjack or poker with my family and friends and we’ll either use matchsticks or just get 10 dollars worth of silver coins and return the money to the owner after.

When I use to play with my friends we would usually play tournaments with a 5 dollar buy in. Winner got like 70% of the pot, second got 20, and third 10. Other times we just play cash in where you just keep buying in if you want to play. I remember one time we had just played a big tournament and my friend had one 55 dollars from it and then he lost it all to me playing sidegames. It gets pretty ridiculous sometimes…

Well, I dunno how it can get addictive though? I mean your never really getting more than $10 profit anyway after you subtract how much you’ve already wasted on trying to win before you actually won.

I remember we had a carnival day at school where we were split up into groups of six and given $100 in monopoly money and we would go around and gamble our money and whichever group had the most amount of money at the end of the day would win. The fun part was that we were let loose in the bush and there was people riding around on bikes trying to catch us and if we got caught we had to give them $5. So it was also like a massive wide game. There was side missions like deciphering codes and trading with other groups so it was sought of like a massive spy game as well.

Golf Tee’s Infi?

handmedown, That sounds like a good idea but somehow I don’t think many people at my school would like the idea.

No offence Infil but that is kind of a strange thing to bet on.

I used to play Texas Hold’em all the time, including online poker. Gambling’s not addictive at all

puts another coin in the slot machine.

As I was saying

pulls lever

gambling really isn’t

takes out another coin


puts it in slot machine

at all

pulls lever

One Arm Bandit’s are the best :p, I borrow my sisters kiddy version (bit of string tied to the coin B-)).

~ ewok

Not a bad idea. Just pull it out each time and try again. Don’t they have rules against that sort of thing?

If I say no, will I go to jail? :frowning:

Lol, really, you can’t do that :stuck_out_tongue:

~ ewok

True, but I’m sure you could figure out some way…magnets or something. Now, if we coudl just get rid of those pesky security cameras.