Teh Noob Needs a Clan...

I never really liked clans much up until I got hacked on my lvl 99, which pretty much told me I was doing SOMETHING wrong. Anyway, the lvl 22 and 12 nooblet needs a clan. Will anybody let meh join?

join mine. Its in my sig

lol…You have NOBODY in ur clan. I may currently be a noob, but I want to join a clan that has atleast some members.

i will. just join and have my Clan website in your sig!!! to get more members

hmph…when u get ATLEAST 30 members, I’ll join.

lol/ nvm. you couldve of gottin like a load of mony and items. missed you chance sunni boi

hmph…do u have any p-hats or santas to give? If u do, i’ll swear my allegiance to you. :stuck_out_tongue: Promise.

phats or santas. i dont have any

Not even crackers or halloween masks? :stuck_out_tongue:

no. whats ure combat lvl?

HELLO??? Did u read, combat lvl’s for Hayabusa7250 and Darth Rune 5 are 22 and 12, respectively. That’s why the title for the thread includes the word NOOB. Oh, and if u dont really have anyhting to offer to me, thats too bad, “sunni boi”.

sry i said sunni bou. i was pissed and. u missed the good oppurtunitys of my clan

hmph…what oppurtunities (sp?) ? You can say any of them anytime now.

its on my thread

Join Eternity! :slight_smile:
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ok ok im convinssed ill jion your clan but !!
we have to go pking very soon!!