Teleporting... noble or noobish?

Well, as you know, ppl hate so-called ‘teletubbies’. People also hate pkers who want kills served up on a platter. So I put the question to you-
Is teleporting noble or noobish?

What I think- Jagex put it into the game for a reason… to help people get from place to place and get out of the wildy if they werent pking at all.

What do you guys think???

i think exactly the same wasy as you. It is an awesome spell to tele and it shud be used

it is neither noble nor noobish,almost dying and dropping a p-hat and then tele-ing is the greatest joy in all of rs

well, that and selling the hat to the general store when u quit

if u were going to lose all your items, wat would u do, tele and save all your stuff for another day or “Be a man” and die hounorable, i rather keep my stuff thank u very much

Argh If I’m a teletubby then so be it. Reason being is I only go into the wild when I have too. I hate it too. They main thing I hate the wild so much is the fact that I Have to click on the player in order to attack them, if not then I’ll just stand there and do nothing! I know it’s not just me because my second account doesn’t have that problem. And, thus, when I attack them I get a skull above my head.

I use teleport in the wild when I’m fighting green dragons mainly, because I don’t want to lose anything and I wasn’t there to PK in the first place!

amen brother! honor is for people who have enough time to earn stuff back!

I think teleporting is ok to get from city to city but teleporting from the wild is dishonorable. Look at my sig and obey it.

No, we don’t feel like sacrificing our stuff int he wildy… if we wanted to we would trade them and give them our stuff.
Oh man, then we would be gypping them out of precious exp… aw man

teley owns joo :-]

If you are pking with a clan it is dishonorable. You are leaving your clan members behind so you are saying that they are not worth helping. That is very dishonorable.
If you are out in the wilderness by yourself I would say its ok to teleport. You are not leaving anyone behind.

Yeah, i dont pk with a clan, i always go alone. I am a teletubby for lyphe.
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im gunna be honest… lol i hate noobs that telle when ur about to own them. But then again it is really usefull i use it alot :confused:

teleporting is very honarable, its in no way noobish. would you rather die wearing full d armor, or tele to varrock and keep youre 17mill worth of armor? i hope u choose to tele, cuz if u dont, then youre plain stupid. and the only pple that say its noobish are ones who cant do it themselves. i never go into the wildy without um, ever, though i never go pkin. i kill green dragons.

Yeah, and then a guy tb’s you and tangles you, and you’re screwed. No way of running.
Damn teleblock anyway.

ya but with a clan is a different story, theres a group of u so u can get help or help and there are ussually rules when pking with a clan, and with a clan u never tele

they should get rid of tele block, if u dont wanna lose ur kill, bring um in higher wildy.

It’s like this, Die and lose your preciose equipment to someone you hate or teleport in the mick of time and have the last laugh. Honor is good, but that doesn’t mean it’s always right…or smart for the matter

Any1 has the chance to grow magic, aka, the chance to tele.
Its noble.
EDIT: Tele block should stay, it is a spell that you need to grow lvls to get and you deserve it if you grow the lvls.

Yeah, i just tellied 3 times to get out of wildy whilst i was training prayer… darn pkers anyway!

thats why jagex added teleblock u tele if u can but if u cant sucks for u…