tell ppl to stop hacking especially on this website

i cant believe some hacked infiltraiter. that’s was suprising. i thought only ppll playing runescap got hacked. now rsr. this is outtacontrol. plz make something about hacking ppl’s account’s! :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:

The United States and every other country already has a law about it. Hacking into someone else’s property is against the law. With the ip address, we technically can turn it into the police and he will be fined.

how can they hack accounts by this site???


Yeah, he explained that to me… Can a mod delete these posts, I don’t want everyone knowing how to hack into my account, sry.

What posts? specify

I think Iced got them. No offense, I just wanted to get my account back and make sure it’s secure and keep it safe and under my control.

I understand, stupid post by me

No, that’s okay. I didn’t realize it was so easy though!

I know I never woulda thought…

I got my account back, but this account has been hacked 3 times now…