temporary anime thread

well this is just until they make us our anime section on these forums :slight_smile:

so anything anime goes here…let’s start

best anime sites?

best anime?
naruto for life…

brag about new series, what do you thinks going to happen?
favourite character?

hell…go for it

lets anime it up!
eld :slight_smile:

lol u say naruto was the best…believe me theres better, u just gatta look for it
like Beserk, Trigun, GantZ, Full Metal Panic, Ninja Scroll, Hellsingcoughbestcough

lol dont know any anime sites though, i was part of a anime forum but i just stopped going to it

anyone ever saw Apple Seed or RaXephon? i wana now if there worth renting to see if there good

also i cant believe no ones posted on here yet

My favorite anime show(s) is/are Full Metal Alchamest (sp?), Inuyasha, and Naruto.


meh naruto does own you all, i wonder why anime is never shown here in the uk?

dont ask me, im canadian
but here all i see are like the main stream animes
FMA, Naruto, inu Yasha, Pokemon, Gundam wing…ect

Some of the more obscure ones are pretty sweet.

I only saw the first two episodes of RaXephon on G4, but what I saw of it looked damn awesome. I hope Adult Swim decides to carry it at some point.

I’ve been taping Neon Genesis Evangelion on Adult swim sporadically (1:00 in the morning? I’ll see how I feel when I get that far.), but now that they’ve started Eureka 7 I’ve gotten into that. The animation in that one is rediculously smooth. Best sky surfing sequences ever. Anime or not.

evas awsome, i only have the first 4 dvds though…

i like Inuyasha…but i dont get to see it very often…

i’m learning to draw manga and anime =)

I have a VCR and one VHS tape. XD

omg vhs? are u in the stone age lol

No, I just don’t have Tivo or anything, and I’m flat broke (ie no money left for DVDs).

I spent the last of what little I had on Rammstein CDs.

well u spent it wisly


If someone could direct me to it, though, there’s some anime that was on Adult Swim ages ago, a few of my friends have seen it. I don’t remember what the name is, but I remember that the guys who wrote it were on acid when they wrote it, and the weapon of choice for the characters are electric guitars.

Ringing any bells with anyone?

OOOO FLCL, thats the anime

FLCL: short for what, again?

i think its Folly Colly or Fooly Cooly

I’ll check the spelling with a Wikipedia search.


well Ruroini Kenshin is da best and you knkow and btw why do we need an anime section it isnt even a very talked about topic on GR

Says Synther as he posts in an Anime thread. XD

lol well
im pritty sure if ther was a anime section, there would be lots of ppl posting on it
believe me