testing my new avartar

if it doesn’t work i’ll have to try again

Edit: can someone help me get it goin?

Hmm… Try uploading it threw tiny pic or photo bucket, not just inserting its file name. If you use one of the two uploaders, its precoded.

It should look like this:

(I added spaces between the [IMG] and code, im just using it for an example.)

no it doesnt work but the link inside ur img tag works… did u put[img] or just [img]?

(with the closing on it too of course[/img]

this is what i put for the signature

i dont think u can load it from your documents… try getting a free image hoster… photobucket is really good… reallly easy go 2 photobucket.com

is it working now?

RSR foruums, to my knowledge, do NOT allow dirrect upload from their site. Instead, upload this onto a webpage server, or use a picture upload site, such as http://www.bravenet.com[/]; one that involves a picture album (storage of photos; photo center.) of some kind. Then you just coppy the webaddress from the saved pic on the net to your avatar or vhereever, be it avatar or on this forum, and it should work…

Hope this helps :wink:


i see you did do somethink like that

hey jtg do u run a rune ess buisness?

lol no… its a small clan that I own and opperate… chech out my website!



Shouldn’t this be in Mediaboard? I’m not sure. Just a thought!

if anyone can help me get my signature goin i will pay them on runescape

conquest! read the guide i wrote. (its a sticky at the top of these forums)

its called: “a guide to adding pictures to your posts” and it applies for adding pictures as signatures.
thats what its there for.

and this should be in mediaboard.

thnx for the help
is photobucket alright?