Th Davinci Code

this is probablly one of the best books i have ever read, and i read quite alot, but its about the holy grail…and how these two people a scientist and a crime scene investigator search all over britian and france following the invistigators grandfathers clues that he left for her incase if he died…i dont want to ruin nemore so i’ll leave it at that…but if you read it tell me what you thought

it was also one of the best book i’ve evr read… i loved it. :wink:

Never heard of it I might buy it.

you should it was awesome…so many tight corners you dont think are gonna happen then wham there it is its great lol

have u read ‘the misterious case of the dog in the night’? The title sounds really weird.

Yes the book is interesting, but a problem is the Jesus getting, well you know. That part to me is a bunch of bs. I am a Christian and know better.

never herd of it