thaking the fun out of it

am going ask you one thing you have ruined the fun of many people it like picking on grad 9s there newbis so why take the fun out of it

and this about the sickeyabout newbis

Please retype what you said in english. I couldn’t understand a single thing you said. Next time I see horrible spelling, i’m deleting the topic.

I understood it, but I wish I hadn’t. :?

Why should we have the right to pick on new players?

We were all new once and I’m sure that you have asked some stupid questions in your time, so why shouldn’t the staff ban the topics about them?

LOL, neither did I.

There you go, translated into English. :wink:

(I do not agree with this, I just wanted to translate it. :x)

all i can say ois that we were all new at one time so don’t pick on them coz they just started. not their fault