Thank the moderators!

I would like to thank all the moderators for their extremely helpful insights and knowledge. I know a lot about runescape but nowhere near as much as the mods. I have learned so much in the past month or two when I joined, I must say RSR has a great staff and excellent mods. I am also surprised at how all the mods check everything and keep everything in order. Thanks mods! :wink:

If you want to say thanks post it here!

yes thank you…i know a few of you personally and i know you are really cool PEOPLE but you are all very good Mods as well

Yea, I greatly respect the mods. They are very honorable people. They are so cool, and I know a few of them personally. Thanks mods!

Very much appreciated.

I would say thank you, but I am not a very modest person. I do my job, and I don’t need gratitude for it.

ehh the strong silent type…we all know on the inside your tinkin “bout god da** time i get some credit” lol just j/k

^ Hehe… Yeah, thanks for keeping thee forums under control and such… Sorry that I’m short on words for my thank you’s but yeah… I really do appreciate what the mods do to keep these forums alive and umm… I can’t think of any words right now so I’ll say helpful… Thanks a lot, BTW, also I just wanna give a congrats to hellsrival for being appointed into the HoL cause I also treat the HoL members like they are mods… Thanks… Sorry that this doesn’t sound so enthusiastic cause I really mean all that I’m saying… I mean, why would I not mean all of this?.. Ok well anyways, thanks a lot for all you people have done… You have done a lot to keep this page one of the best RS help sites/community forums on the Internet and to that I say “Thank you”… Ok, sorry I’ll be quiet now…

all of the mods suck, they r all stupid nooblets

this is a topic to post about thanking mods not flaming them

all the mods have been very helpful to ppl, thank u mods :smiley:

what the hell(excuse laungege) 2 iced earths? one dissing his own name…crazy…

Ya mods suck!!!

why would u hate moderators so much?

Looks like you didn’t read the rules!

It says here in section 3 rule 18.

“no one other than a mod should moderate other people unless otherwise giving permission by an administrator or mod. Nor should they act superior over another person.”

I think you should read the rules agn. btw, I am expressing my feelings towards the topic, it is not your place to judge me.


i wonder too… y do u hate mods so much??

Thank you people :smiley:

iced_earth15324 The only reason you hate us is because you are jealous

Thank you mods. And yeah, he probably is jealous, that’s why he took Iced’s name.