that sux

LOL it woulda been nice to know you couldnt wear rune pl8 till u had 32 qp and defeated that fn dragon -_- dang now i just waisted all that cash on something i cant use ugh ugh ugh

yeah i did not know that the first time i bought a rune plate. But it is alright, just go to world 1 and sell it back to another player. There should always be someone there buying a rune plate so good luck.

yea, the same happened to me, but not with rune pl8, it happened with dragon hally…

i saw a guy sellin for a good price (dun remember how much) then i buyed, when i tried to wield, appeared a message: “You need to complete Regicide Quest to wield it” or sumthing like that

dam…just wasted alot of money… :?

just do dragon slayer or sell the plate and wear chain for now on :wink: