That true feeling of pain

I have just lost the love of my life.
Seburo has just announced that he doesn’t want to be with me…

I’ve lost my one love…
Don’t ask me why, I will not say.

curls up on the cold floor, the glow from his heart fading into the darkness

As they say, there are always more fish in the sea. If he broke up with you, there’s always another waiting, you are not lonely. We all respect you, so why would you think you are lonely? We always have your back, in all of your situations, giving our words of peace, solemn, and wisdom. I am sure you will find another content love of your life, and you will forget about the recent one that broke up with you. It just takes time.

As all relationships come to and end, there must be a reason. And you said there was a reason, but you didn’t state it. What I’m trying to get to, is whatever his reason was for, it was meant.

That made absoloutely no sense ><. But Like Ece said, there are many other men out there, so don’t lose all hope because Seburo chose not to be with you any longer. Take my word for it, you will find somebody else. And sooner or later, you’ll look back at your times with Seburo and make nothing of it. Except for the fact that you two had a love thing. That was very confusing as well.

My ultimate point… Things happen in life. You’ll eventually be able to move on from Seburo, and find another relationship with a dude.

jolio you’r one of my best friends and all i can say is…

dude you’r 17, he is NOT the one!
THERE IS someone out there now looking for the one, and oneday you will meet, on a train in a plain anywhere, you will find true love i know it, one day but not yet…not yet

Just like everyone else said,
there is more people waiting for that special someone out there.

Like from a US show called friends:

“Women (ect) are like ice-cream. There’s many flavers out there, rocky road, pineapple, rich chocolate. So grab a spoon!”
“I don’t know if I feel hungry or horny.”

Lol, Sorry if this doesn’t help, but I was at a concert last night falls asleep.


All that means is that he was not the one. When you truly meet the right man, he will stay with you.

If you want to talk, just PM me or talk to me on MSN.

Eh, your boyfriend will be running back… trust me Jolio.


He won’t…
He doesn’t like the fact that I’m… that I’m polyamorous…
Even though he knew it for a long time.

Bit harsh ey? but you have a point.

Unlucky he broke up with you, but atleast he told you, rather than just running off with someone…

Do you have any human emotions or do you not have a relationship with someone that you love with all of your heart?

I loved Seburo more than anything in the world.
This… I won’t even go to the trouble to explain it to the likes of you.

If you loved someone with all of your heart, more than anything else in the world… you wouldn’t post that.

Get some feelings!

:frowning: Im sure you will find someone else but i feel for you in your time of need :slight_smile: just something i was wondering though… whats polyamorous?

bites his lip

“pertaining to partipation in multiple and simultaneous loving relationships”

So… you were two-timing on him?

He knew about my polyamorous self.
It’s not uncommon among Anthro Artists to be polyamorous…

It’s not called two timing, two timing is keeping it secret.

Well, if Seburo couldn’t accept the real Jolio, then maybe you weren’t mean for eachother.

I wouldn’t mind be polyamorous, but my girlfriend would. :frowning:

I’m really sorry, Jolio.
You probably weren’t right for eachother. Don’t worry, there are plenty of more people out there. Good luck finding the right person ^^

Do you have a heart? I guess not. I’m sorry to hear this Jolio, I hope you find the right one.

What Lock said I feel was totally out of line. Goddamn…

As Fallon said, if Seburo could not accept you for the fact that you were polyamorous, then he wasn’t the right one. For you at least.