That's gotta hurt!

Ow. His head went through the wall!

hah. hey how do u make posts like that. i only kno how to do links

Zukken, it’s an option through imageshack when u host the image. but it only works for me when a computer uses windows xp… and btw, lol thats kinda funny… not really tho

~:crazy: spartan

lol its funny but very original.

i dont know but i dont think its too funny… i see tons of people doing that… i guess there bored lol

I’ve seen that before.

Zukken, type something like this…

(img) URL (/img)

Replace the brackets with square brackets [ and ].

ouch…i would hate 2 put my head through a brick wall

Lol… I guess it is funny…

Ouch. Notice some noob would come up and say, “Hey mister why’s your head in that wall?” :stuck_out_tongue: Kinda funny.


Lol Malibu just look, that guy in the blonde hair is so scared hes running away!

I guess that’s funny. It would be really wierd if it was a real glitch where it keeps dealing damage to you so you eventually die.

lol…i dunno y it does that…but it sure looks funny:)