That's it i dont know what jagex was thinking but they are crazy!

im scared as hell!

Do not tell me i shouldn’t be afraid of that!!!

lmao, where is that?

oo yeahhh…i was wondering what that was too…its funny how you can kick the bed…

int in draynor…right across from draynor…that new house with the old guy and his books…its just upstairs…

lmfao…that is rele disturbing!! :slight_smile:

The might just be shoes. I’ll check it out for myself.

Lol, Creepy… I wonder what thats doing there, Great Spotting.

:wizard: ~Salmoneus~

Lol, Its the Boogieman! Run for you lives!

Off Topic: 400th Post! W00T

eek a ghost

i have examined things ya…

its amonster the old man uses to break into the bank it is a fire monster is the only way
why so much tinder boxes?
why telescope looking at bank?
why bed?

The last three lines of you post… What’s that supposed to mean? And also that’s pretty funny, nice eye you got there anthony :wink:


hee hee im proud to be observant but the feet…i just say wow

i just found out they look like monkey teeth (damit!) : D