That's IT!

Im tired of making the chump change. I’m lvl 76 and only have 300k to my name. Tell me how to make ze big bucks with my current lvls: (and not keyser’s class, i don’t have a spare 150k)

Woodcutting: 66
Fletching 68
Magic: 53
Mining: 67
Smithing: 57
Fishing: 57
Cooking : 58

I have 70k at the moment

Cutting yews. Just make a goal, like 3,000 and then you’ll have 900k.

Three… thousand… yews!!!

3000 sounds alot, but if you have a mate you can cut with… it seems quicker… just keep chatting to each other… you’ll soon have them. I cut 5k took me week, but I had people to chat with, so it didn’t seem as long.

^ I hate doing repetitive things personaly. But in my opinion, cutting yews is way more fun then merchanting…

I hate wcing :slight_smile: I’m level 55 :smiley:

lol… if ur a member fish lobbies its so easy then u sell them raw like me

i love wcing…im lvl 93 f2p wc

You need to learn money does not just fall into peoples laps. Everyone has to work for it in some way or another. I can make money easily enough. But just look my stats up…that’s four years work. If you’re dedicated you can achieve and get anything you want in RuneScape. It just takes time.

get unids (unidentified herbs) they sell 1k each

Woodcut is good money, im 75 woodcut and im F2P cutting yews for cash.

Wow, those are some nice stats. I’ve been working three years though, and no money has fallen into my lap yet (although it was whacked me on the head a few times) Ok, so cutting yews sounds like the moneymaker here. Ty guys

another idea…if you get the stats, you could go get 500 coals, then go cut 500 yews, then go get 500 of something else, then maybe go back to coals and stuff. You could regulate it until you’d get a large amount to sell.

Your stats are pretty good, cutting yews is viable, but it’s waaaay to boring for me. Another way to go would be to mine. Coal is pretty fast for you, so you could mine coal and mith and sell mith bars for 1k each. Or you could sell steel bars 500 each. It all depends on what you want to do, really, because you’ve got good enough stats.

BruiseJuice, you rock my sox! Great Idea!!!