The 1 Million Posts Thread

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Many people have asked about such a topic, so here it is.

Basically it works like this, to keep ONE single conversation going for 1 million posts. You just reply to what the last parts of the conversation where about, not what was at the beginning of this thread, but the last post in the thread.

Watch how the conversation will evolve into different subjects, right now who knows what will people will be talking about in a month?


-You cannot double post, someone must reply between your posts.

-What you say must in some one go with the conversation in the latest posts in the thread. You cannot bring up a new topic. You can however steer the conversation in some way.

-Posts in this thread can be shorter than usual, but they cannot be spam posts, they must go with the current conversation. NO SMILIE BOMBING!


Now, how should I start off this legendary topic? How about something current, something that in months you will read and say “It started that long ago?”. How about Star Wars, which at this date was only a week old.

What is your favorite Star Wars Vehicle/Starship?

Mine would have to be the Super Star Destroyer, featured below. It is Darth Vader’s command ship during the later movies, and is the flagship of the Imperial Navy, and just plain looks cool.

The Super Star Destroyer is one of the largest, most powerful Imperial vessels ever created. It follows the same basic dagger-shaped design of the Imperial-class Star Destroyers, but magnified to much larger scale. A smooth hull presents an arrowhead shaped profiled when viewed from above. Resting in the center of this hull is an “island” of habitable volume. Weapons emplacements bristle on the layered city-like surface. The trapezoidal command tower stands near the aft end of this island, capped with two geodesic communication and deflection domes. The underside is a busy network of engineering and superstructure. Thirteen colossal engine thrusters glow blood red as they push the immense craft through space.

Whats your favorite?

Remember, reply to the latest reply, not this post! Only the first person to reply will be doing that, the rest of you will have to play off what comes up next.

Since i am the first person to post i will talk about Star Wars III:Revenge Of The Sith!
So who thought it was good and my best part is where Anikan went to the dark side (i love the battles)!!!lol
And i don’t really know the names of the ships but i like the big round ship that luke sky walker flies in!!And that was quite hard to be the first person!!!lol

Revenge of the Sith was one of the best movies I though, had a lot of action in it. Probably the best space battle ever.

Hmmm… star wars… let’s see.

My favorite star wars starship is the Eclipse Star Destroyer. It has a crew of over 700,000 personnel.

The first of this class, the Eclipse, became the reborn Emperor’s flagship. The ship had a jet black hull and was 17 kilometers long. It was one of the most heavily armed ships of all time. It carried over a thousand turbolaser and heavy turbolaser cannons. It also had powerful shields and heavy armor, making it difficult to destroy in space combat. The most important feature was a superlaser cannon located on the bow of the Eclipse. Although it was not as powerful as the superlaser on the Death Star,
it was capable of cracking a planet’s crust. For space combat, it held 600 TIE interceptors and 96 TIE bombers, divided into 58 squadrons. For ground assualt, it carried 150,000 Imperial Stormtroopers, 100 AT-ATs, and five prefabricated bases. The Eclipse was crewed by over 700,000 personnel. The power of the Eclipse’s superlaser as described is self-contradictory. It has been described as 2/3rds the power of the Death Star’s prime weapon. Such a weapon would be more than sufficient to destroy a planet. There is some speculation as to whether the 2/3rds number refers to the magnitude of the energy release as opposed to the total value; this would put the main weapon below the threshold neccessary to destroy a planet.

Here is a picture of it:

I haven’t seen it yet but im itchin to, i heard the way they end it is disgustingly terrible

Yeah, the ending gets pretty harsh and violent. Still, you get Darth Vader in the end.

Anybody like the ship I choose? It pwns Dukes. =P

True, although yours is a bit on the chubby side…

It is the best movie for ages and yes it does get gruesome at the end and i am not spoiling it!!!lol

I might go see it in theaters or just wait for it to come out on dvd.

That end lightsaver battle is ausome, easily the best and most realistic of any in the entire saga. Not to mention its…toasty… ending :scratchch

I can’t wait to see it! Cibola told me it was great! :D. I might go and see it with my Dad this weekend.

I would definently recomend going and seeing it on the big screen. You simply couldn’t get the same feeling you would if you were seeing it on a screen measured in feet instead of inches.

Yeah, starwars is good and the ships are kool! i like em all!my fav…umm…i wanna c the third movie and ill say what i like the best, but wat color star saber do u like the best?i like the 2h red saber, its soooo koool!

umm how many posts are there so far??!!

Your the 15th, you can see it on the Off-Topic Forums, # of Replies.

Also the number on the top left of your actual reply.

look in the top rigyht corjner of every post

The game should be good and the end battle is very good and put’s some people on the edge of their seat

I heard about the game, but havn’t played it. Is it good?

yes, the theater is much different than the tv, but my i love tv especially simpsons and family guy and south park