The 25th legion

Hello and welcome to The 25th Legion. We are a well established clan and are looking for some new faces, THAT MEANS YOU. Many happy faces will be waiting for you if you meet the requirements.

The requirements to join are 80+ combat, or 70+ combat with 70+ range, or 70+ combat with 70+ magic. Our highest level is currently level 109 with many 100+ or close to 100. The most important requirement is to remain active. We are mainly a forum based clan so it is important for you to post regularly and attend events.

The 25th Legion has 80+ active members and is growing stronger and larger every day. With your help we could make this clan on of the largest clans and strongest clans.

We have many allies, all of whom are helpful and strong, and we regularly have allied pking trips.

We have many interesting and new events including pking trips. Here are some pictures of some pking trips (please note we also have f2p events often).

Owning an opposing clan, and watching them flee :slight_smile:

Some of our members guarding the walls at Clan Castle Wars

A few of us Killing the big bad king. One of our members got a drag med drop from that trip.

Poor person run into us, and the outcome is rather obvious…

Us owning another clan pking at the rune rocks. :slight_smile:

The beginning of burning Falador.

Fun war, two members tried teaming Nix, and he beat them both.

Picture from our Pirate Party, something messed up with the picture, and I apologise for the quality :S

An in action ownage shot of the Fun War mentioned previously.

Here is our Recruiting video

As we get stronger with your help, we will be arranging more fun wars, and real wars against bigger and better clans than before. All of these are to bring you a sense of excitement, adrenaline and also to teach you what being in a war is like.

If you are an experienced player, we welcome you with open arms, as the majority of the clan is above combat level 90, you will fit right in with people amongst your strength. And if you think your better than any of them, why not challenge them in our duel arena tournaments?

If you would like more information about The 25th Legion, visit Http:// and take a look.

So join now and become part of The 25th Legion legacy!