The abbys (G) long sword

The abbys G long sword 2h
An Idea By Lukejames / Bronzeaxe3…

Stab: 89
crush: 65
slash: 158

Like the abbys whip only its a sword, it has high power compared to a dragon 2h and it can double its power against players or monsters, whos level are 50-

The sword has a speciaul attack that can make it hit with like Slash: 250 for instance and the actual hit for a level 70 player is still realy, realy high!

What do you think to my invention? :slight_smile:

Heres the picture, if you dont like it dont follow it, i had people saying me to make a quick pic so here it is.

Sounds sweet, but think it should be in the suggestions section

yer it should be in suggestions but i still like it

Same as everyone else, but anyway, cool idea!

sounds nice a bit slower than whip but hits higher sounds good :slight_smile:

Thankyou people, Thanks alot but dont give me all the credit thank the human mind.

all i did was fink abbys whip and then converted to sword! :slight_smile:

Still ideas sprout alot from me!

Dont class this as spam mods.

It wud be sorta like a whip ya fink but itd be great still.

Pretty nice.
Put it in the suggestions section, and if you can, try making a picture of it.

rofl thats a stupid idea lmao…180 slash!?! lmao…

Moved to Suggestions.

a little over the top…although i agree we should have different categories of Abbysal weapons like Barrow’s does

dude ur gettin lots of things but like pokemon_emerald said try to make pic if u can

:smiley: Im gonna try and make a pixel pic bye forn now!


here it is just a quick sketch up using paint

Nah theres no point in (g) And plus u dped


get english right mate?

Well whatever the g stands for, i thought u ment a (g) sword :wink:

Nice idea, but maybe too much slash bonus… i like the idea;)

nice idea…but to high slash bonus

dude, double the str of a d 2h? and its a longsword? rofl, dude, thats way too much for a long sword. and it hits 180?