~-=The Adriot=-~

looking for 75+combat or 66 mage or 70 range
req 2=1 skill over 80 or
2 skills over 70 or
3 skills over 60 dont got the requerments then sorry lol


Created on February 26, 2006. Went public on March 3, 2006.

I am proud to introduce the creation and birth of a brand new skills/antiPKing clan called The Adroit. We are a laid back clan, with huge potential, great leadership, and a comfortable setting. If you aren’t into PKing all the time, but enjoy leveling up skills, participating in contests, and having fun, then read on.

‘Adroit’ is defined as “skillful and adept under pressing conditions.” This is exactly what we are and the kind of people we are looking for. If you are looking for a place to call home, AWESOME looking forums, and a small friendly family atmosphere, then The Adroit is the clan for you!

The Adroit is run by 1 fellow Runescaper, both with in-game experience and experience with other clans:

Slayer4750 - 85 Combat, 1080 Skill Total

Let’s start off with our gameplay-related requirements:

70+ Combat OR 66+ Magic OR 70+ Range

Other requirements:

Can not be in ANY other clans.
Be respectful of other members.
Try your best to help other members if you can.
Type legibly. We want to be able to understand what you type. Using correct English is a must.
Post on the forums at least 5 times a week.
Participate in clan events (No set number, at least not at the moment).
Have a good time!

What kind of events do we do? Well here are some we have in mind:

Skill Celebrations
Conga Lines
Castle Wars
Fashion Contests
Treasure Hunts
Fight Pits
Gnomeball Matches
Drop Parties
Trawler Trips
Hide and Seek
PK Trips - depends on clan interest, as we are predominantly a skills/war clan
KBD Trips
Kalphite Queen Trips


We have several leadership positions available for members:

High Council - Responsible for applications, various decision-making, and other issues that come up.
Events Team - In charge of taking into account the ideas of other members and creating events based on their interests. Will also determine times and other requirements, etc.
Forum Moderators - Responsible for basic control and smooth operation of the forums. Will lock, delete, or close topics if necessary.

We even have a clan headquarters for any in game meetings or get-togethers, such as drop parties, skill celebrations, or other parties. You’ll just have to guess where it is unless you join us! Mwuahaha! B-)

Hopefully by now you are ready to join. If you meet the requirements, all you need to do now is head to the forums, post your application in the ‘applications’ section and wait for a response. If you are accepted, you can then register for the forums. Please don’t register for the forums before being accepted.


We hope to see you at The Adroit! If you want a small, active clan with many events, great members, and sweet looking forums, then there is no better place! Join join join!