The arrow shop

Currently taking orders…

iron-15ea-max order 10k
steel-35ea-max order 5k
mith-60ea-max order2.5k

soon will be making addys

current orders

  1. vivi the red- 20k steels ( bestest friend exception to limit)
  2. Jeff man -10k iron

Sorry people i am no longer doing bronze i am losing wayyyyy to much money doing them …i am so sorry for people who ordered =(

I’ll take 10k bronze.
RSN–> nortnort

ill take 10k bronze arrows for 50k please :slight_smile:

Ok, i’ll have both your orders done soon. =)

kk add my main since thats the one ill be buying it lol :slight_smile:

can i order 10k iron plz =p rs name is archer pur3x

can i get 1k steel

i wil buy 1k mith arrows pm on rsr when u have them then i wil add u

All orders ready for pick-up.

I’ll take 10k Iron Arrows

50k steel pl0x

Ill take 10k iron plz
Rsn- Veriac