The Barrows

me and stanly d went 2 the barrows it was really funny we played gnome ball in the middle heres where ui died :frowning:

Wow! Nicely timed. Funny pic I guess. It’s perfect how you timed the text, the dying and the screenshot. 9.4/10.

lol that was a fun time. and i actually have a chance of killing 1 barrows guy!

thx it was really funny they hit 33 on me :frowning:

hit 24 on me and where it was full a guy got hit 55!!!

confess we both got owned! :stuck_out_tongue:

then i went with god chaser (bloodyshado) and he killed 1! (the mage guy) he had like 5 prayer pots lol but he died on melee 1 and lost sara book :frowning: but look

:smiley: peace out

++88_____Hee Hee_+88______________________

LOL, I wish I could do that. Or, at least be a member… I love the Barrows though, I mean like the armour and stuff…

*The Champ is Here

yeah he killed 1 but got nothing after…how do u get the item after uv killed it?

dunno maybe random drops

i wanna go to barrows today : )

what do u do at the barrows