The Battle of Nukre

Here is the intro to a book I wrote a few years ago. Not quite my best piece of work, but it is probably the most intersting.

         Empires rise and fall, kingdoms prosper and fall to ruin, heroes fade, and legends are lost in the mists of time.  Such is the way of our world.  Men fight and fall, battles are won and lost, but death comes to all, and no matter, all is lost eventually.  There was one battle yet to come, one that should never be forgotten, for it’s lessons are valuable to all who know.  This is the story of the Battle of Nukré.

There was once a vast empire stretching over earth and stone, mountain and hill.  Vast sums of gold filled its vaults, kept protected by cities with unbreakable walls of stone.  Many had tried to take these fortunes from that great empire for many reasons, yet none have succeeded.  They said no one has ever gotten past these walls without them allowing it, and no one ever would.  But they were wrong.  The black cloud was coming, drawing ever closer.

Winter came and the roads where empty, for it was bitter cold and icy on the roads.  There was plenty of food to be found, for vast stockpiles had been gathered in the summer harvests.  Roaring fires where made, that never smoldered or died.  Feasts were held, assassinations were made, and plans of war were drawn up.  There was just one place that none would dare mess with, for its greatness was far above any of its fledgling neighbors.  Nukré’s land was safe and well, protected by vast armies that were superbly equipped and trained.  The armies of Nukré protected the borders day and night, and each army was within a fortress able to withstand a siege of ten times their number with ease.  Nukré was a huge empire.  But when spring came, something was different, something was wrong.

ohhhh cool

i like it alot 9.99 and a 3 quarters/10

duke thats really cool is there any chance i could get any more of that or is that all you’ve written so far?
15/10 nice diction and layout

I have over 30 pages in word, just on the first part of the story.

great intro… good descriptions and plot, sounds intersting… 9/10

Wow nice… I love the historical theme it gives… Good job on the prologue… 9/10… Good job and keep up the good work… I would like to read more myself…

Could you email that to me duke?

Holy Moly! Post the whole thing Duke, that story rocks!


Wow everybody who posts their stories in these forums have such talent and skill in their writing… Especially you Duke Atreide. I loved this story!! I give it a 10/10 lol and if you wish to please post up the whole story!

That was a really good prolouge. If you post the rest, i can’t wait to read it.
i rate it: 9.5/10