The battle of the formats!

Soon DVD’s will no longer be in use. Blue-ray and HDDVD discs have been accepted by big movie companies and will soon be available. Blue-ray discs can hold up to 40Gb of data, but because of their different layering need new players. HDDVD’s can hold anything up to 16Gb of data, and will play on any Dvd player attached to a HD ready TV. I can’t decide whitch is best. Should we all buy new BRD(blue-ray disc) players to play Blue-rays on, Or should we keep our existing DVD players and watch films on HDDVD’s. What do you think?

I think it’ll be a while before DVDs go out of fashion. I mean, everyone thought when the DVD came along, videos would go the same way as the dinosaurs. Well um, semi-bad example.

~ ewok

yeah i mean they still sell VHS and rent them at blokbuster and all the rental stores but i use netfix so i dont have to worry:D

First off, it’s blu-ray, and also they can hold either 50gigs (Dual layered) or 25 gigs (Single layered.)

The advantage of the blu-ray disks is, obviously, the storage. They hold many times more than the HDTV and, which is definitley a major advantage.

HDTV disks, on the other hand, are produced differently and are therefore cheaper.

The new disk players will only play one format, or the other. So there will be no players that play both HDTV disks and blu-ray.

Probably the main factor that decides who will win this “war” will be whoever gets the most companies to support them. Here’s a few of Blu-Ray’s:

Apple, Sony, Disney, Dell, HP, Hitachi, LG Electronics (Goldstar), Matsushita (Panasonic), Mitsubishi, Pioneer, Philips, Samsung, TDK, Thomson, Vivendi Universal (games), and Electronic Arts

As opposed to HDTV’s:

Toshiba, NEC, Viacom, NBC Universal, and Time Warner

(While these are definitley much fewer companies than that of Blu-Ray’s, they are some of the biggest too)

I say Blu-Ray. Most of you probably know why :wink:

~~ Michaelks

Wow dude, you really have absaloutly no idea what you’re talking about.

Please read these…

It’s gotta be the Blu-ray that wins in my opinion. Very few people are going to buy either until they become a reasonable price, which I estimate to be early '07. But millions of people are going to buy the PS3 this November, meaning millions of Blu-ray users versus very few HD-DVD users.

Unlike you I write this down from memory, And I probably know much more about technology than you >_<.

Well I have no idea if you know more about technology than me. I do know a lot more about Blu-ray than HD-DVD off my head apprently since most of your information was incorrect. I just gave you a link to help you get the correct information.

Blu-ray= 50 GB

Both need a new player, HD-DVD will not work on ordinary DVD players.

Reminds me of BETA Vs. VHS, hopefully history will not repeat itself.

(If you didn’t know, Beta tapes were of much higher quality, smaller in size, and larger in tape capacity. Oddly enough the VHS was victorious in sales, and the Beta tape went with the dodo.)

I choose blu-ray.

Blu-ray for sure. 40gb’s of storage. Imagine being able to watch the whole LOTR or Star Wars series with special features on 1 disk. I would like a blu-ray player, lol.