the best game

What is the best game ever made, PS2, Xbox, Gamecube, PC anything? Grand Theft Auto is awesome but the classics like Mario is always fun :smiley:

Pac Man… :smiley: gotta love the classics

honestly, games like GTA are pointless. the whole point is to pick up prostitutes and then kill them. those games should be burned and never made again

I just didn’t like GTA cause the game was so confusing and at some points, you had to do all these tasks at once and they never tell you exactly where to do it so you have to drive all over just to find that one place… Other than that GTA wasn’t too bad on how it was made… BTW, yeah Pac-Man, Mario, Megaman… Hehe… I love the classics… Especially the first Mario Kart they made for the SNES… I still have it too…

the best games for PS2 are: Onimusha 3: Demon Seige, and Kingdom Hearts. Xbox: Halo 2, Gamecube: hell-if-i-know… :twisted: