The best of my recent fakes

I have made a bunch of fake pics in the last few days, but they are on all different pages of the screenshots forum. So before they all get lost in the pages of this forum, i decided to make a thread to show 6 of my best recent fake pics. (If this is against the rules in any way, please delete this mods) Please rate these one through ten.


10/10 very awesome. I always wondered wut those gallows were for. The rack: no longer then you are.

The reason that I am still the same size is because I made it look like the process had not been started yet. (Notice how the ropes are not too tight)

:smiley: nice 10/10

wow… those r really nice, and kinda funny… 10/10 :wink:

you are really getting good i cant wait to see more pics :stuck_out_tongue:

anyone else like these fakes?

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: yeh these pics r pretty cool n funny 2 :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

The pic with the blue dragon in whats fake about it

the rune dragon? well, with the new update came iron, steel, and bronze dragons…i made a rune one

Oooooo your pics are awsome 10/10 u could be the next jolio

lol thanks, but i doubt it, jolio is very superior to me, he can out- fake me easily any day

yo calenel you and jolio should have a fake off lol. Each of you have one thing to try to fake and whoever does the best determined by the members of rsr. Both have the same thing to try and fake. Dont you think it would be cool. Oh yeah and um the only one i can see is the rack one and i think 9/10.
K im at home now and i like the rune dragon thing 10/10.
The hanging aint that good 7/10.
The spiked guy is halarious 10/10

lol, the rack is the worst one and that is the only one you can see? dang!

ah man dont even comment about my idea thats messed up. comon dont u think its a good idea. I havent seen all of jolios work but i think you could be a pretty good competetor. Plus you would be way better than me i tried to make diff types of armor on paper and it looks like crap lol. Its like sara zammy mix. The plate of sara and the outline of zammy.

i didnt comment because jolio would easily win lol

i dont think so i know u can beat him. The only thing ive seen is his first person runescape thing. I didnt think it was all that good. You could so beat him if u try hard enough :slight_smile: im such a sck up lol

Very,Very good!!10/10!!!

go to joliojoilo media and check out his pics

how u make the rune dragon its sweet 10/10